Inverness CT v Stockport County Head-to-head Record (Inverness CT Archive)

Stockport County

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Inverness CT has yet to play a game against this team in this competition.

 Jul 26th Friendly 1 - 0  (A)    -    
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Current Squad vs. Stockport County
Allardice, S --
Boyd, S --
Bray, K --
Cairns, E --
Carson, D --
Deas, R --
Delaney, Z --
Devine, D --
Doran, A --
Duffy, W --
Harper, C --
Hennem, H --
Hyde, L --
MacGregor, R --
MacKay, C --
Mackay, C --
Mackay, D --
Mckay, B --
Nicolson, L --
Oakley, G --
Ram, M --
Riddle, A --
Ridgers, M --
Samuels, A --
Shaw, N --
Strachan, M --
Sutherland, S --
Thompson, R --
Walsh, T --
Welsh, S --
The following players have played for both Inverness CT and Stockport County
Tom Aldred
Greg Tansey
James Vincent