Clachnacuddin 0 - 10 Inverness CT

Friendly Match
Wednesday, June 29th, 2022, 7:30 PM at Grant Street Park, Inverness
Clachnacuddin Inverness CT

None. Billy Mckay (13)
Nathan Shaw (18)
Billy Mckay (31)
Cameron Harper (32)
Robbie Thompson (36)
Aaron Doran (39)
Austin Samuels (pen.) (47)
Ethan Cairns (55)
Steven Boyd (73)
Roddy MacGregor (77)

Team Managers
Jordan MacDonald Billy Dodds

Starting Eleven
Martin Mackinnon
Donald Morrison
Martin Callum
Andrew Maclean
Jamie Calder
Shaun Sutherland
Lewis Mackenzie
Ali Gillies
James Anderson
Connor Bunce
Blair Lawrie
Mark Ridgers
Robbie Deas
Cameron Harper
Daniel Devine
Robbie Thompson
Harry Hennem
Scott Allardice
Lewis Hyde
Aaron Doran
Nathan Shaw
Billy Mckay

Liam Taylor
Dawid Sienkowski
Thomas Lewis
Jamie Young
Cameron Neville
Kieran Chalmers
Andrew Lethwaite
Cameron Mackay
Lewis Nicolson
Matthew Strachan
A Trialist
Aly Riddle
David Carson
Roddy MacGregor
Calum MacKay
Steven Boyd
Ethan Cairns
Austin Samuels

None. Cameron Mackay for Mark Ridgers (45)
Ethan Cairns for Robbie Thompson (45)
Steven Boyd for Nathan Shaw (45)
Aly Riddle for Scott Allardice (45)
Austin Samuels for Lewis Hyde (45)
Calum MacKay for Aaron Doran (45)
Matthew Strachan for Billy Mckay (45)
A Trialist for Daniel Devine (45)
Roddy MacGregor for Robbie Deas (45)
David Carson for Cameron Harper (45)
Lewis Nicolson for Harry Hennem (45)

Tonight's team to face @clachfc

1. Mark Ridgers
3. Cameron Harper
5. Robbie Deas
6. Danny Devine
9. Billy Mckay
10. Aaron Doran
16. Lewis Hyde
18. Scott Allardice
22. Nathan Shaw
29. Robbie Thompson
31. Harry Hennem


13. Cameron Mackay
8. David Carson
12. Roddy MacGregor
17. Trialist
19. Matthew Strachan
20. Calum MacKay
24. Austin Samuels
27. Alasdair Riddle
30. Steven Boyd
32. Ethan Cairns
33. Lewis Nicolson

Billy Mckay and Nathan Shaw inside first 20 mins give ICT early advantage.

Full Time 0-10

Scorers: Mckay (13, 31) Shaw (18) Harper (32) Thompson (36) Doran (39) Samuels (47 pen) Cairns (55) Boyd (73) MacGregor (77)

Good work out and shooting practice in a rout at Grant Street Park.

Match report written by tm4tj