Inverness CT 1 - 1 Elgin City

Friendly - Pre-season
Saturday, October 3rd, 2020, 2:00 PM at Caledonian Stadium
Referee: Billy Baxter

Match observation from a wet fan on the Kessock Bridge.

Watched from the A9. Whilst a friendly, it was our last one before competitive action. I was concerned today with our defensive frailties and lack of creativity going forward.

Early doors but my observations as I saw it today.

Defence? Deas needs to play CH. Toddy is not a CH. Devine was a bit suspect. Fyffe and Harper both did well.

Allardice did okay but doesn't offer a lot (Trafford on his bad days). Missed a driving midfielder like Carson today. Welsh was our MoM. MacGregor is wasted out wide, had a very quiet game. Storey was his usual, 1st half when wide would create space then mess up his shot or cross. When up front, struggled to do much, would lay of when he had time to turn. Keatings had some good turns/passes but doesn't offer enough as a number 10. Think we really miss someone to run beyond the striker and give us depth/trouble the oppositions centre halfs.

Toddy did okay first half up front. Took his goal well. Dan Mackay wide left, came on a fluffed a great chance straight away but thought he looked sharp. Sutherland was pretty anonymous out wide. Brad came on at half time and was solid enough.

Poor performance all round, City looked slicker going forwards and organised at the back. Very concerned for Tuesday night.

Highlight of the day was a drunk Elgin fan going for a pee in the bushes, slipping, sliding down the hill and ending properly lodged upside down in the bramble bushes. Amazing moment!

Match report written by Stirling Observer